Nelson Exhaust
Using discount exhaust parts for your Truck Exhaust System

At some point in time, your truck exhaust system is going to need work. Whether it is just standard repairs or modifications for a better look or sound (or both!), Nelson exhaust components can help you out.

Nelson Exhaust is a division of Cummins Filtration, but offers much more than just Cummins diesel exhaust. Nelson manufactures all types of exhaust accessories, including OEM pipes, elbows, clamps, and adapters.

We have been using Nelson Exhaust on truck exhaust systems for years, and have had great success. Of course you get the legendary Cummins quality, but without the OEM price tag! With a large selection of products, Nelson is a perfect choice for discount exhaust parts.

To learn about different truck exhaust parts, use the following links:

Flexible Exhaust Tubing Often called "flex pipe", flexible exhaust tubing is great for odd angles and exhaust systems where movement is a concern. But when deciding on which flex pipe to purchase, remember there ARE differences.......

Diesel Exhaust Tips Also known as "stacks", diesel exhaust tips put the finishing touches on an attractive exhaust. Stack pipes are availabe in many sizes and lengths, and are most often constructed of aluminized steel or chrome. There are many different styles to choose from, straight, curved, 45 degree..........

Exhaust Clamps Exhaust clamps are necessary for any truck exhaust system. Available in either u-clamp or band clamp designs, these clamps are used to joint exhaust pipes and prevent leaks. Turbo V-clamps are used to connect the flange pipe to the turbo. Many different sizes, styles, finishes............

Exhaust Elbows & Y Pipes When you need to bend the corner on your exhaust system. Elbows also are available in many sizes, and you can choose your diameter, leg length, and ID/OD (inside diameter, outside diameter) arrangement. Select elbows from 22.5 to 90 degrees. Once again, exhaust elbows can either be chrome or aluminized.

Exhaust Adapters One of the most convenient of truck exhaust accessories. Adapters can be anything from a union to connect two pipes the same size, or a reducer that can adapt different sizes together. They are often used when installing a larger outlet or stack pipe, and make it easy to "jump up" to the larger pipe size.

Truck Exhaust Mufflers Everyone knows what a muffler is. However, mufflers also come in a variety of shapes and dimensions. Nelson offers a broad range of replacement mufflers, and the quality and price is outstanding! Same or different inlet/outlet sizes, choose your length, choose your style and design......

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