Diesel Exhaust Tips
Selecting the right Exhaust Stacks for your truck

When adding diesel exhaust tips to your exhaust system, there are several things to keep in mind. This information will help you determine the best exhaust stacks for your truck.

Exhaust stacks are used mostly on large semis. The purpose of the stack pipe is to raise the exhaust above the top of the truck and prevent soot from staining the trailer or load. Many diesel pickup owners have installed stack pipes on their pickups to give the truck a bigger look.

Exhaust stacks vary in size by length and diameter. This makes it easy when you purchase your exhaust tip, just match up your required dimensions to the proper part number. Diameter is normally the same as the rest of your exhaust system. However, there are adapters available if you would like to change from your existing pipe size to something larger. Most diesel exhaust systems measure 3.5", 4", or 5". It is possible to have stack pipes as large as 8", but of course an adapter is needed to go this large.

Exhaust stacks are mostly available in two different types of material: aluminized or chrome. Because of the visibility of diesel exhaust tips, many choose to go with chrome. Chrome stacks are very attractive, with a high polish shine. Aluminized stacks are not shiny, but work just as well and are less expensive. It all depends on what you want your exhaust system to look like on whether you choose aluminized or chrome.

Stacks are available in many different designs, allowing you to pick the custom exhaust tips that best suit you. The most popular styles are:

Straight Pipe - Where the top of the stack is cut square with the pipe

45 Degree Cut - The top of the pipe is cut 45 degrees with the pipe, resulting in a "sloping" look.

Turn Out - The top of the pipe is pre-bent, then cut. This is the most "standard" style of exhaust tips.

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