Cummins Parts and Service Information provides you with parts and service information for Cummins diesel engines.

Throughout this site, you will find info about parts, Fleetguard Filters, truck exhaust systems, and service topics.

Most people that have owned or serviced diesel engines know the quality of Cummins products. From commercial trucks to pickups, from job sites to farms, from RVs to generators, these engines are everywhere.

You would think that with so many of these engines in service, information and parts would be readily available. However, finding the technical information you need and parts at great prices can be challenging.

That is the purpose of

We help you find helpful Cummins information.....

Engine Types- Specifications and applications for the following Cummins engines:

Service- All sorts of valuable service information, including:
Fault Codes
Torque Specs
Engine Specs
Maintenance Intervals
Common Failures

Emissions- Explanations of how emissions systems work, what the individual components are, and common problems encountered:
DPF-Diesel Particulate Filters
SCR-Selective Catalytic Reduction
NOx- Oxides of nitrogen
EGR- Exhaust Gas Recirculation
And other technical terms

Parts- Recommendations and links to all the necessary parts, including:
Fuel Pumps
Exhaust Products
Fleetguard Filters
and way more!

A word on finding the correct information...

Most of the topics covered at have grown out of conversations with engine owners. And as a dealer, we are constantly asked questions by our customers about their engines. After many phone calls and face-to-face discussions, we decided to share some of our knowledge with anyone that needs parts or service information.

As most of you already know, you can't believe everything you read online.  We get weary of scouring forums and other half-reputable sites looking for answers to challenging technical problems too.  It seems everyone claims to be an expert or has "had the exact same problem". is very dedicated to providing accurate information.  We are able to check your exact parts need by using only YOUR engine serial number to verify that the service bulletin or parts you need really applies to your engine.  

So if you ever wondered about the horsepower ratings of your ISB, ISC, ISL, ISM, or ISX engines, ever wondered about how biodiesel affects your diesel engine, need to know the valve adjustment specs for your engine, or just need to find the right price on that engine part you need, you are at the right place!

Also, if there is anything that you would like to know that you can't seem to find, contact us and we will try to help you out.