Cummins Parts and Applications

Cummins builds a rock solid engine, but there are times when Cummins parts are going to need replaced. Cummins engine parts have the same quality as their engines, and are reasonably priced.

Using Genuine Cummins Parts
Although many aftermarket parts are available, using genuine Cummins engine parts is the best way to be positive that your engine is repaired back to the original specifications. Cummins has strict manufacturing processes to make sure their parts are superior, and aftermarket parts will not be covered if you have a failure under the engine's warranty.

Cummins parts are available in two different ways: New or Recon.

New Parts
New parts are just what they sound like: Brand New. These parts are built by Cummins or one of their manufacturers from scratch, then packaged to be installed. Most new parts carry a 1 year warranty, but are built to perform for the life of the engine.

Recon Parts
Recon parts are Cummins solution to the aftermarket. Recon Cummins parts are basically "reconditioned and rebuilt". Most expensive Cummins engine parts that you will need are available in Recon.

When purchasing a Recon part, your purchase will have a core charge attached to it. The "core" is another term for the bad part you are replacing. This core charge will be refunded to you as soon as you return the original part you replaced. This part is then sent to the Cummins Recon factory, where it will be completely disassemble. All housings will be surface cleaned, and often times checked by various methods for cracks or imperfections. The parts are then rebuilt with completely new bearings, seals, etc., and assembled to original Cummins specifications. Parts are then painted and packaged, to be sold to the next customer.

After a part has completed the Recon process, you can not even tell it is not brand new! This allows Cummins to decrease the cost of a part significantly, then pass that savings along to the customer.

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