Flexible Exhaust Tubing
Find the right type to complete your project.

Flexible exhaust tubing is a great alternative when you can't seem to find the right combination of pipes to make your exhaust project work.

Flexible exhaust pipe is just like it sounds: Flexible enough to bend where you need it.

Although flex pipe is available from 1.5" diameter and up, most diesel exhaust systems use either 3.5", 4", or 5".

Flexible exhaust hose is measured by inside diameter. It is designed to "slip" over and existing pipe and then fastened with a clamp.

To make sure your flexible exhaust hose does not leak, make sure you use band clamps instead of u-clamps. Band clamps stretch and have a much tighter seal.

Flexible exhaust pipe basically is made of one of three metals:

Galvinized- This is the cheapest. The cost is almost amazingly low, and most of the time the quality is too. If you use this type of flexible exhaust hose, plan on having to replace it within a couple years.

Aluminized- This is a "middle of the line" grade. It is sufficient for most applications and comes standard on most heavy duty diesel engines from the factory (especially off of the turbo outlet pipe). This would be a reasonable choice for the budget minded.

Stainless- This is the best grade of flexible exhaust tubing available. Stainless will last much longer than the other two choices, and honestly it is not much more expensive. Also, if your flexible exhaust pipe is going to be easily seen, this type is most pleasing to the eye.

You can purchase flexible exhaust pipe in bulk or in pre-cut lengths. The bulk is much more reasonably priced. If you have a local dealer that stocks bulk flex pipe, have them cut off the amount you need. The advantage of the pre-cut lengths is that the ends are crimped at the factory after being cut, making sure that there are no problems fitting the connecting exhaust pipe.

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