Cummins Diesel Engines

Cummins diesel engine specs by model.

Cummins diesel engines cover a wide variety of uses; marine, industrial, generators, construction, and on-highway are some of the more popular applications. 
Although useful and reliable in all areas, these pages are focused primarily on engines that are used in trucks, cranes, RVs and other highway vehicles. 

This page has been designed to give you a quick breakdown of each Cummins engine along with:

Engine Ratings
Common Part Numbers
Fault Code Info
Service Intervals
And other useful information.

Cummins builds an excellent engine, select any of the following links to learn more about each engine. 


ISB 5.9 
Displacement: 5.9 Liters

The most popular application for the ISB engine is in the Dodge pickup. However, you will find this engine used in many midrange trucks, as well as emergency and agricultural applications.


6.7 Liter ISB 
Displacement: 6.7 Liters

The latest in the ISB family of Cummins engines, the 6.7 liter engine uses the high pressure fuel system with 2010 emissions compliance.


Displacement: 8.3 Liters

The Cummins ISC engine is mostly used in midrange applications, from light hauling to firetrucks.The ISC engine also dominates the Motorhome market.Although the ISB and ISC have similiar horsepower ratings, the ISC delivers much more torque.


Displacement: 8.9 Liters

The Cummins ISL engine bridges the gap between the ISC and the ISM engine with up to 400 horsepower for motorhome applications.


Displacement: 11.0 Liters

The ISM is the updated design to the M11 engine. Both engines have been extremely reliable for short haul applications. These engines are also popular in fire and emergency situations were a higher horsepower is required.ISM engines after 2002 included an EGR valveto meet EPA emissions

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Cummins N14 
Displacement: 14.0 Liters

The N14 was perhaps Cummins most durable engine. Based on the 855 Cummins specifications, the base engine design had been improved upon since the 1970's. Cummins computerized the engine in 1991 with the Celect electronic controls, and updated the engine to Celect Plus in 1995. The engine was "phased-out" in 2000 due to stringent EPA regulations.


ISX Displacement: 14.9 Liters

The ISX engine is the replacement for the N14. This engine is proving to be as durable, with more electronic controls designed to make the engine more effecient. The ISX is the mainstream engine for most Cummins powered "over the road" applications.

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