Diesel engine block heaters
Having trouble starting your truck in cold weather?

If you dread trying to start your engine on cold mornings, diesel engine block heaters will definetly help. Just connect the block heater cord to your 110 outlet and you can keep your engine coolant at a managable temperature.

What is a Block Heater?
A block heater is basically what is sounds like: It keeps your engine coolant at a considerably warmer temperature than the outside air. Block heaters mount directly to the engine in a variety of ways, most often in place of a freeze plug or a pipe plug. The heater contains an element that warms when supplied with 110 volt electric, much like a light bulb filament that warms when turned on.

Block Heater Installation
Block heaters are normally not difficult to install. Although tight working conditions may be an issue, most heaters can be installed in 1-2 hours. One thing to remember when installing a block heater: Do not power up the heater before filling the engine with coolant and test running the engine. The heater element will "burn out" if not totally immersed in coolant before powering up. Running the engine before connecting power ensures that the block heater element is surrounded by coolant.

Block Heater Cord
The block heater cord basically looks kind of like an extension cord with a special connector on the engine end. This special connector plugs into your engine block heater, the other male "extension cord" end plugs directly into your 110 volt outlet or extension cord.

End result
Freezing weather drastically decreases your battery output amperage, making a cold engine even harder to start. With a block heater, the engine block will be kept at a significantly warmer temperature.

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