Truck Exhaust Pipe
Aftermarket pipes available for truck exhaust systems.

Building a new exhaust system or repairing an existing one, truck exhaust pipes are probably going to be needed. With many different pipes available, selecting the correct exhaust pipe should be relatively easy.
The most common exhaust pipe sizes for truck applications are 3.5", 4", and 5". Although smaller trucks may use a 3" pipe, and some "big rig" trucks can be 6" or larger, most fall in the previous mentioned size range.

Following is brief description of available truck exhaust pipes:

Exhaust Pipe Tubing - Exhaust pipe tubing comes in bulk sections. When ordered from the factory, these sections are 10 feet long. However, most places will cut to length the amount that you need. Also known as straight pipe, exhaust pipe tubing is normally aluminized and will give many years of service. This type of pipe is great for long stretches of exhaust routing when you have a clear shot (such as sections between the turbo pipe and first bend).

Exhaust Elbow - Exhaust elbows are used when the exhaust system needs to turn or corner around a bend. Aftermarket exhaust elbows are available in the following bends:
22.5 degrees
45 degrees
67 degrees
90 degrees
The most common elbows that will work for most applications are 45 & 90 degrees. However, there are times when one of the other bends are convenient. Also available aftermarket are OEM replacement elbows. These elbows are made to the same bend and dimensions as the original truck exhaust pipe, and can be used as a direct replacement. Most of the time you can save at least 50% of what the OEM pipe cost by going aftermarket.

Exhaust Y Pipe - Exhaust Y Pipes are used for trucks with dual exhaust systems. The Y pipe obviously gets it's name because it is shaped like a Y. On dual exhaust systems, the turbo outlet pipe goes into straight pipe, which ends in a Y pipe. From the Y pipe, exhaust flex and elbows are used to route the exhaust to each muffler. Exhaust Y pipes are a great option aftermarket due to the extreme cost of these pipes from the OEM dealer.

Flex Pipe - Flex pipe can be used for hard to achieve bends and places where exhaust elbows are not long enough. More detail on flex pipe can be found here.

Exhaust Stack Pipe -Exhaust stack pipes basically have two functions: As the outlet of the muffler or as a replacement of the muffler. Replacing the muffler with a stack pipe is also known as "straight pipes". More information on exhaust stack pipes can be found here.

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