N14 Cummins Quick Sheet

The N14 Cummins was definetly one of Cummins most popular engines. Used to power everything from over the road trucks to motorhomes to mining equipment to generators, the Cummins N14 was very versatile.
The Cummins N14 was built on the basic design of the 855 cubic inch Cummins engine. In the early 1990's, Cummins redesigned the engine with electronic controls to meet EPA regulations. The redesigned engine, known as the Celect fuel system, featured an Electronic Control Module (ECM) and electronic injectors. Although injectors were still cam activated, the Cummins ECM controlled fuel at the electronic injectors.

In 1997, Cummins released the upgraded N14 with the Celect Plus fuel system. Although not noticably different looking, the Celect Plus ECM has many more adjustable parameters for customer fine tuning.

The Cummins N14 was discontinued around 2000, and has been replaced by the Cummins ISX.

Use the charts below for useful information for the N14: Engine Ratings

Advertised hp Peak Torque lb-ft @ rpm Governed Speed
310 - 525 1250 - 1850 @ 1200 2100

Maintenance Schedule(Why Fleetguard Filters?)
Oil Filter 12,000 Miles
Fuel Filter 12,000 Miles
Coolant Filter 12,000 Miles
Valve Adjustment 120,000 Miles, 3000 Hours, 2 Years

Filter Part Numbers (Fleetguard Numbers)
Oil Filter LF3000
Fuel Filter FS1000
Coolant Filter WF2071

Useful Specs
Intake Valve Clearance .014"
Exhaust Valve Clearance .027"
Engine Brake Clearance .023"
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Oil Pressure 10psi (Idle), 25psi (1200 RPM)
Fuel Pressure 25psi (Cranking), 120psi (1200 RPM)

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