Fleetguard Fuel Filters
Why is clean fuel important and when should I change my filter?

The main advantage of Fleetguard fuel filters is the decrease in down time. Although few permanent damages can result from a contaminated fuel filter, sitting on the side of the road due to improper filter maintenance is expensive and frustrating.

Fleetguard Filter Brand
Cummins Filtration manufactures a comprehensive line of fuel filtration systems under the Fleetguard name. In addition, their products are also sold under such brand names as Fuel Pro®, Diesel Pro® and Industrial Pro™, to name a few. The company’s products include, among others:

• Remote-mount fuel refining systems

• Fuel/water separators

• Fuel filtration solutions designed exclusively for electronic engines

More information on Cummins Fleetguard company and products

What they protect against
All Cummins Filtration systems offer customers optimum protection for their fuel systems and reduced operating costs for their bottom line. They’re among the best choices available for customers who want to extend service intervals and increase vehicle uptime.

Engineered with precision to meet customer demands for longer life and improved performance, Fleetguard fuel filters employ proprietary StrataPore™ multi-layered media, which offer superior micron efficiencies, removing large particles along with the smallest debris. Each StrataPore layer offers unique properties for extending fuel-filter life and improving performance.

Damage they prevent
Today’s modern electronic engines require special extra-protection. Fleetguard’s FS1000™ fuel water separator featuring StrataPore™ media provides the extra protection needed to handle the extremely tight tolerances of fuel system injection equipment. It features a patented, self-venting drain valve that allows allows all water—both free and emulsified—to drain from the system quickly and efficiently.

Why changes are critical
It is important to regularly change your fuel filter for optimal performance. The unique “Seeing is Believing®” filter clear cover technology on Fuel Pro® fuel filters lets you see the fuel filters—and see when it needs changing. Even knowing when NOT to change your filter can save you reduce your filtration and maintenance costs.

As a fuel filter traps dirt and particles like it is supposed to. When the filter becomes full, the most noticable effect is low power and decreased fuel mileage. This is due to the engine having to pull fuel through the dirty filter, causing a restriction on the suction side of the fuel pump. When the restriction becomes to high, the fuel pressure on the outlet of the pump drops, causing low power complaints.

Also offered is the FS 20000 Slow Release Lubricity-Enhancing Fuel Filtration System, an innovative slow-release lubricity fuel filtration system designed to meet the needs of customers who wish to run light fuels in Tier 2 compliant engines. By just spinning on this filter, a state-of-the-art lubricity enhancing fuel additive is consistently released into the fuel system, protecting fuel system components from excessive wear when light fuels are used.

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