Understanding Fleetguard Air Filters

How can using Fleetguard Air Filters help protect my engine (and entire truck)? Read on for relevant information......

As products of Cummins Filtration, Fleetguard air filters enjoy a reputation of quality, performance, reliability and durability—especially for heavy-duty trucks (and if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere). In addition to the Fleetguard name, they’re also sold under such brand names as OptiAir™ and Magnum RS™. The company’s products include:

• Standard and custom plastic air cleaners

• Standard and custom metal air cleaners for added durability in extreme conditions

• Air filter elements in several different styles (OptiAir, Magnum RS)

• Air pre-cleaners to extend air filter life

What They Protect

Clean air is absolutely critical in keeping your truck’s engine running smoothly and efficiently. In fact, most drivers don’t realize that inadequate air filtration can cause more engine damage than poor oil filtration.

As with all vehicle air filters, Fleetguard air filters feature paper or other media to trap dirt, foreign particles and other contaminants as dirty air passes through the filter—and before they reach your engine. Just think of all the places heavy-duty trucks go (worksites, quarries, farms, deserts, plains, etc.), and you’ll see quality air filters so crucial to overall vehicle performance.

The good news is that proper air filtration with Fleetguard filters can reduce engine “downtime” and maintenance costs, as well as increasing the overall life and performance of your engine.

Damage They Prevent

Inefficient air filtration can cause serious wear to your engine and its vital components—leading to reduced engine power, excessive fuel consumption and—eventually—major, expensive repairs. An engine’s air filter keeps out dirt and other debris that—in addition to reducing performance and fuel efficiency—can damage piston rings and cylinders.

Why Changes are Critical

As a vehicle’s air filter traps more dirt and debris, it becomes more difficult for the air to pass through the filter, and restriction increases in the air induction system, which contributes to decreases engine performance, reduced mileage and more.

“Replacement Needed” Symptoms

Reduced engine performance and gas mileage are two key indicators that a vehicle’s air filter might need to be replaced. Also, a separate in-cab Air Filter “Monitor” or “Minder” can also help drivers quickly see the status of a truck’s air filter and determine if it’s time for air-filter replacement. These filter restriction gauges are inexpensive, and Fleetguard offers a variety to choose from.
One word of caution!! Although using a filter minder gauge will tell you when you have too much restriction, do not go more than 12 months on an air filter. In certain applications, the air filter can start to deteriorate and the filter material can be sucked through the intake into the engine. (I have seen this happen, and it ruined the engine!)

Where to Buy

Fleetguard air filters can be purchased at your local Cummins dealer, as all Cummins dealers are also Fleetguard dealers.

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