ISB fault codes:
A complete list of all Cummins fault codes for ISB diesel engines

Having trouble finding what your ISB fault codes mean? Here is a list of all Cummins fault codes for the ISB diesel engine.

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111 Electronic Control Module ECM Microprocessor
115 Engine Speed Sensor ESS Circuit
122 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor Circuit
123 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor Circuit
131 Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
132 Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
133 Remote Throttle Position Sensor
134 Remote Throttle Position Sensor
135 Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit
141 Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Choice
141sn Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit
141sw Oil Pressure Switch Circuit
143 Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Choice
143sn Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit
143sw Oil Pressure Switch Circuit
144 Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit
146 Coolant Temperature - Engine Protection
151 Coolant Temperature - Engine Protection
153 Intake Manifold Air Temperature Sensor Circuit
154 Intake Manifold Air Temperature Sensor Circuit
155 Intake Manifold Air Temperature Sensor - Engine Protection Circuit
191 Air Conditioner Clutch Supply Circuit
221 Ambient Air Pressure Sensor Circuit
222 Ambient Air Pressure Sensor Circuit
234 Engine Overspeed Circuit
235 Engine Coolant Level - Engine Protection
241 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit
242 Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS Circuit
243 Exhaust Brake Supply Circuit
245 Engine Fan Clutch Supply Circuit
261 Fuel Temperature Sensor Circuit
264 VP44 Fuel Temperature Sensor Error
278 Lift Pump Circuit
283 Engine Speed Sensor Supply
284 Engine Speed Sensor Supply
285 J1939 Datalink Multiplexing
286 J1939 Datalink Multiplexing
297 OEM Pressure Sensor Circuit
298 OEM Pressure Sensor Circuit
349 Auxiliary Speed or Auxiliary Pressure Input Error
352 Sensor Supply Circuit
361 VP44 Fuel Valve Control High Current
362 VP44 Fuel Valve High Current Error
363 VP44 Fuel Pump Control Valve Feedback Error
364 Electronic Control Module ECM to Pump Communications Error
365 Fuel Pump Voltage Out of Range Error Low
366 VP44 Fuel Pump Voltage Measurement Error
367 VP44 Fuel Pump Speed/Position Sensor Signal Lost
368 VP44 Fuel Pump Can Not Reach Commanded Timing
369 VP44 Fuel Pump To Engine Synchronization Pulse Not Recognized
372 Idle Select High/Low
373 VP44 Fuel Pump Fuel Shut Off Error
374 VP44 Fuel Pump Calibration Error
375 Electronic Control Module ECM Fuel Calibration Corrupted
376 VP44 Fuel Pump rpm and Fuel Error
377 Fuel Pump Power Relay Stuck-On
381 Intake Air Heater Relay Circuit
382 Intake Air Heater Relay Circuit
385 Intake Air Heater Relay Circuit
386 Sensor Supply Circuit
387 Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
391 VP44 Relay Coil Supply Circuit
415 Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Choice
415sn Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit
415sw Oil Pressure Switch Circuit
418 Water-In-Fuel Sensor Circuit
422 Coolant Level Sensor Circuit
429 Water-In-Fuel WIF Sensor Circuit
431 Idle Validation Switch IVS Circuit
432 Accelerator Pedal Circuit ISS
433 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor Circuit
434 Unswitched Battery Supply Circuit
441 Unswitched Battery Supply Circuit
442 Unswitched Battery Supply Circuit
443 Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
444 Remote Accelerator Supply Circuit
488 Intake Manifold Air Temperature Sensor - Engine Protection Circuit
489 Auxiliary Speed or Auxiliary Pressure Input Error
515 Coolant Level Sensor Circuit
517 VP44 Fuel Pump Valve Feedback Error
524 Switched Droop Selection Circuit
527 Dual-Output Driver A
528 Alternate Switched Torque Curve Switch Circuit
529 Dual-Output Driver B
768 Output Device Driver Transmission Shift Modulation
779 OEM Input - Engine Protection

These are all the ISB fault codes available. You can find more specific codes for Cummins engines in Dodge pickups by clicking the following link.

ISB Fault Codes (Dodge - Chrysler Products)

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