Heavy Truck Exhaust Parts
Exhaust Adapters and Accessories
for Diesel Exhaust Systems

When working with the heavy truck exhaust system, common parts can be hard to locate. Most items are not something you just pick up at your local parts store.

Here we have arranged most of the popular items people normally try to find, with a brief scenario of each use:

Stacks - When you want to have that "big" look. Stacks usually take the place of mufflers and are available in aluminized or chrome, with a variety of different outlet shapes and cuts.

Tips - Also knows as "turn outs", tips are generally used as the outlet of the muffler and are available in aluminized or chrome. Lengths vary by part number.

Reducers - Reducers are used to connect different size exhaust pipes to each other. For example, you may use a reducing adapter to connect a 4" pipe to a 5" pipe. Reducers are available in different sizes and in both ID and OD. (Inside Dimension, Outside Dimension).

Clamps - Exhaust clamps are used to seal two exhaust pipes together. Clamps are generally one of two kinds: U-clamp or Band clamp. U-clamps use compression to seal the exhaust pipes, while band clamps "stretch" around the pipe and form to the pipe's size. Band clamps generally seal better, but are more expensive than standard u-clamps.

Heavy Truck Exhaust

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