Cummins fuel information for Technicians and Owners

How should you care for your Cummins fuel system? Very carefully. Diesel engine need two components for combustions: Air and Fuel. Fuel related issues are the most common problem for fuel mileage drop and power loss. Read on to discover how to best care for your diesel fuel system.

fuel lift pumps cummins diesel Cummins Lift Pumps Fuel lift pumps for the Cummins diesel. A common cause for Cummins injector pump failures is inoperative lift pumps. This section deals with how to deal with lift pump failures without damaging the VP44 injection pump.

Cummins Fuel Filter Cummins Fuel Filters Fuel Filters are one of the most common maintenance items that are overlooked. A plugged fuel filter can cause enormous power loss and fuel mileage drop. In the section you will find recommended fuel filter change intervals and what to look for when you replace your fuel filter.

Cummins n14 injector valve Fuel Injectors Cummins Although not a common problem, injectors are due to fail with time. In this section you will find how to determine if you have a failed injector and what to do about it.

Biodiesel for dodge cummins Cummins Biodiesel Is biodiesel safe for my Cummins engine? I know of people using alternative fuels in their heavy duty engines, but what about biodiesel for Dodge Cummins? In this section you will find out what Cummins has to say about alternative fuel ratios and effects.

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