Celect Plus Faults:
A complete list of all Celect Plus codes for the Cummins Celect ECM.

Having trouble finding what your Celect Plus codes mean? Here is a list of all Cummins fault codes for the Celect Ecm.

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111 Electronic Control Module ECM Microprocessor
115 Engine Position Sensor EPS Circuit
121 Engine Position Sensor Circuit EPS
122 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor Circuit
123 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor Circuit
131 Accelerator Position Sensor Choice
131iss Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
131ivs Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
131sss Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
132 Accelerator Position Sensor Choice
132iss Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
132ivs Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
132sss Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit
135 Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit
141 Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit
143 Oil Pressure - Engine Protection
144 Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit
145 Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit
151 Coolant Temperature - Engine Protection
153 Intake Manifold Temperature Sensor Circuit
154 Intake Manifold Temperature Sensor Circuit
155 Intake Manifold Temperature Sensor - Engine Protection
212 Oil Temperature Sensor Circuit
213 Oil Temperature Sensor Circuit
214 Oil Temperature - Engine Protection
221 Ambient Air Pressure Sensor Circuit
222 Ambient Air Pressure Sensor Circuit
234 Engine Overspeed
235 Engine Coolant Level - Engine Protection
241 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit
241auto Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit
241ind Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit
242 Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS Circuit
243 Engine Brake Supply Circuit
245 Engine Fan Clutch Supply Circuit
249 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit
254 Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Supply Circuit
255 Fuel Shutoff, Fan Clutch, Engine Brake Supply Circuit
256 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit
267 Ambient Air Temperature Signal Incorrect
269 Vehicle Anti-Theft Protection Activated
289 Vehicle Accessory Shutdown Driver - Not Identifiable
311 Injector Choice
311n14 Injector Circuit
311m11 Injector Circuit
312 Injector Choice
312n14 Injector Circuit
312m11 Injector Circuit
313 Injector Choice
313n14 Injector Circuit
313m11 Injector Circuit
314 Injector Choice
314n14 Injector Circuit
314m11 Injector Circuit
315 Injector Choice
315n14 Injector Circuit
315m11 Injector Circuit
321 Injector Choice
321n14 Injector Circuit
321m11 Injector Circuit
322 Injector Choice
322n14 Injector Circuit
322m11 Injector Circuit
323 Injector Choice
323n14 Injector Circuit
323m11 Injector Circuit
324 Injector Choice
324n14 Injector Circuit
324m11 Injector Circuit
325 Injector Choice
325n14 Injector Circuit
325m11 Injector Circuit
331 Injector Choice
331n14 Injector Circuit
331m11 Injector Circuit
332 Injector Choice
332n14 Injector Circuit
332m11 Injector Circuit
343 Fault Processing Computer FPC Chip
352 Sensor Supply Circuit
415 Oil Pressure - Engine Protection
422 Coolant Level Sensor Circuit
431 Idle Validation Switch Choice
431iss Idle Validation Switch Circuit
431ivs Idle Validation Switch Circuit
431sss Idle Validation Switch Circuit
432 Accelerator Pedal Circuit Choice
432iss Accelerator Pedal Circuit
432ivs Accelerator Pedal Circuit
432sss Accelerator Pedal Circuit
433 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor Circuit
434 Unswitched Battery Supply Circuit
441 Unswitched Battery Supply Circuit
442 Unswitched Battery Supply Circuit
474 Starter Solenoid Lockout Relay Driver Circuit
536 Autoshift Low Gear Actuator Lockout Solenoid
537 Autoshift High Gear Actuator Shift Solenoid
544 Top2 Transmission Circuit - Mechanical System Failure
551 Idle Validation Switch Choice
551iss Idle Validation Switch Circuit
551ivs Idle Validation Switch Circuit
551sss Idle Validation Switch Circuit

These are all the Celect Plus codes available. You can find more specific codes for Cummins engines by clicking the following link.

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